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Dear Ron: Thank you so much for your feedback and legal expertise. The Chapter 7 Petition has been successfully discharged, and I am grateful for your professional help. Colleagues like you really help make our profession great.
Thank you,

-K.L., Esq.

Ron & Team…
When first counseled on bankruptcy as an option, it was very upsetting. In our imagined futures, bankruptcy never had been a signpost on the landscape. Each of us had different issues requiring expert legal research and analysis regarding feasibility and likely outcome. In preparing and filing our case, Ronald V. De Caprio and his team steered us through the tedious and the unexpected with both patience and compassion. Most importantly, they heard and answered our endless questions. The result, for which we are most thankful, is a fresh start. We plan to continue our relationship with this firm…and highly recommend Ronald V. De Caprio.

– G & C

In the late 2000s, people stopped spending money on leisure activities, and my businesses suffered. I was under a lot of financial stress and I needed an insolvency expert who could stop the bleeding. Ron helped focus and streamline my businesses so that I was able to continue to employ my people, so that my core businesses may survive, and so that I may support my family. Today, I manage a smaller, leaner and tighter group of businesses that are profitable, and I am able to think about growth again.


I was involved in a complicated commercial real estate purchase, and seven months into the project, I was getting nowhere with the attorney I had. I was referred to Ron, who took over the project after so many problems had already been created, and after I was behind the proverbial 8-ball because of my former attorney. Ron jumped in, rolled up his sleeves, tackled all of the problems that arose because of delay, worked with numerous different interests on the other sides, restructured the transaction for me and guided the project to completion, helping me grow my business and allowing me to continue my vision for my business. I will continue using Ron and I highly recommend Ron to anyone who needs a competent legal professional.

-Junior Castro, President
Castro Landscaping Corporation