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Family Bankruptcy
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When a married couple plans to file for bankruptcy, it may be most beneficial for the family if only one spouse files. Sometimes, one spouse wishes to file while the other wants to protect his or her credit. Many factors should be considered when deciding whether the husband or wife or both, should file, making it crucial to obtain advice from a skilled bankruptcy attorney.

Our attorneys at the Law Office of Ronald V. De Caprio have decades of experience representing husbands and wives in bankruptcy filings. Our results-oriented team is dedicated to protecting our clients’ assets and property and providing them with debt relief through the bankruptcy process.

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Family Bankruptcy Attorney

We conduct a thorough analysis of our clients’ financial situations, paying close attention to the income and debts of each spouse. We understand that each family unit has varying needs — from property to cash to education for the children. A customized approach must be taken. At the Law Office of Ronald V. De Caprio, a careful strategy is created in order to protect each family’s priorities. This may result in only one spouse filing for bankruptcy. This way, the bankruptcy court cannot criticize expenditures and financial decisions made by the other spouse to benefit the family.

Our lawyers have achieved success for many families through the bankruptcy process. We know how to negotiate with trustees and creditors, and we strive to shoulder the stress and burdens that come with financial difficulties for our clients.

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