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Working with Vendors in Bankruptcy in Rockland County, New York

The ability to continue working with vendors is of critical importance to business clients. Without a working relationship with the businesses that supply them with goods and services, a company cannot survive. At the Law Office of Ronald V. De Caprio, we work hard to ensure that our business clients maintain amicable relationships with their vendors as we guide them through the Chapter 11 bankruptcy process.

While every business is different, and we work hard to understand how our clients’ businesses operate and the markets in which they operate, there are a few obstacles and challenges we have not previously encountered in the area of Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Our attorneys will seek a court order that will allow your business to work with your vendors during the bankruptcy process. We will start with those that are critical to the survival of your business, giving them priority and special treatment.

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If your business is unable to pay a vendor, your business is suffering, and the business you cannot pay suffers, and the employees of the businesses suffer. Therefore, working out an arrangement is in the best interest of both businesses. We will carefully scrutinize your situation and make recommendations to effectively preserve vendor relationships during the Chapter 11 bankruptcy process. This complex area of bankruptcy law requires a great deal of strategy and knowledge. Based on your goals, we will put our decades of experience to work for you, always with the future success of your business in mind.

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