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Credit card debt incurred over holidays can have lasting effects

It can be difficult for New York shoppers to reign in their holiday purchases. With tempting deals that start as early as the week of Thanksgiving, the holiday buying season is long and sometimes hard to pass up. However, as many shoppers put their gift purchases on credit cards, some face difficult realities when their credit card bills arrive with balances that they cannot pay off.

Are you facing insurmountable credit card debt?

At some point in their lives, many New York residents carry balances on their credit cards. For some people, carrying a balance may only happen once or twice and that balance may be resolved within a month or two of its accrual. For others, carrying a balance on a credit card may be a common practice, and the card holders may chip away at their accrued balances only when they can.

Credit card companies cannot harass people into paying

Getting phone calls and correspondence from debt collection agencies can be stressful for residents of Garnerville. Every time a letter is received or a voice mail message is left a debtor may feel like he is one step closer to being sued for the repayment of his outstanding credit card obligation. However, there are limits on what collectors may do to obtain repayment of delinquent loans. This blog post will touch on just a few of the limitations they face with regard to their collection practices.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help with high credit card debt

Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows a New York consumer to reorganize his debts into payments that he can responsibly manage. The payments that a person makes toward his outstanding sums in Chapter 13 bankruptcy are only made out of his disposable income, which means that unlike under Chapter 7 bankruptcy he does not have to turn his property over to a bankruptcy trustee for liquidation in order to have money for the repayment of his creditors. Chapter 13 bankruptcy can, however, last for a period of years before it is resolved.

Bankruptcy may help you during your credit card debt battle

The Law Office of Ronald V. De Caprio works with individuals who are struggling with apparently insurmountable credit card debt. Credit card debt can become a problem for Garnerville residents for a variety of reasons; to meet those divergent causes, an assortment of potential remedies exist. One possible remedy for managing crippling credit card debt is filing for personal bankruptcy.

Credit card debt often follows travelers back home

Family trips and personal vacations can be good ways for individuals to refocus after dealing with the stresses of life and work. Whether a Garnerville resident travels to a nearby retreat or a distant land, he generally has to incur some expense in order to make his dream vacation into a reality. While some people tend to save up for their trips, others fail to plan and finance their escapes with credit cards.

Credit card debt may create health problems in some people

There is no doubt that credit cards can present financial problems for people who carry balances on his or her charging devices. New Yorkers with credit card debt may have trouble making their minimum payments and may find themselves penalized by their credit card companies for maxing out or exceeding their credit limits. What some people may not realize is that all of those financial hardships that credit card debt can impose can also manifest negative health consequences in those who bogged down by their bills.

Interest, APR can cost credit card users money

It is fairly easy for a New York resident to get a new credit card. Many people receive unsolicited offers through their daily mail and others are bombarded via email with credit proposals from banks and other lending institutions. It may seem like the ubiquity of credit cards available to people would make those purchasing devices unprofitable in such a saturated market; credit card companies, however, have several tools that they can exploit in order to make money off of their credit card holders.

Credit card debt can derail financial plans and dreams

It can take a Rockland resident a long time to save for a big purchase or expense. Whether that expenditure is a short-term experience like a vacation or a big-picture plan such as retirement, when it comes to saving it can be easy to lose focus and get off the right financial track. One way that people find their financial plans and dreams derailed is by incurring large amounts of credit card debt.

The CARD Act and coping with credit card debt

Nearly six years ago, President Obama signed into law a bill that sought to protect consumers from the confusing and sometimes abusive practices of American credit card companies. Called the Credit CARD Act, or the CARD Act for short, the law prevents credit card companies from hiding card terms from consumers and changing those terms on cardholders in their systems. Generally, the law's goal was to protect New York residents and other Americans from the damaging practices of some aggressive creditors.

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