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Protect Your Cash And Retirement Funds During Bankruptcy

At the Law Office of Ronald V. De Caprio, we provide clients with comprehensive strategies that prepare them for a future of financial success. This means helping our clients keep the money they require for necessities, including investments and retirement funds. There are ways to protect the money in your checking, savings and other bank accounts. Each case is fact-specific and requires advice and guidance from a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney.

Federal Vs. New York State Bankruptcy Exemption Schemes

We take a strategic approach in every consumer bankruptcy case, and carefully examine your assets and tailor a bankruptcy exemption scheme that will be beneficial to your unique circumstances. The assets you may retain during bankruptcy can vary depending on which the exemption scheme we apply to your case.

Your Retirement: Retain 401(k) Funds While Filing Bankruptcy

Your retirement funds are sacred. When you put money into a retirement account, you should not take it out until you have reached retirement age and you need it. Far too many people make the mistake of withdrawing retirement funds prematurely to get out of debt. No matter how much credit card debt you may have, our attorneys do not advise dipping into retirement accounts, including 401(k)s, pensions or annuities to pay off debts.

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