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What Is a Debt Relief Scam?

Law Office of Ronald V. De Caprio March 6, 2015

Not all debt is bad. In fact, many Garnerville residents responsibly carry debt in the form of home mortgages, car and student loans, and other lending tools that enable them to access what they need to live good, productive lives. When debt is managed and maintained, it is not always a crippling burden.

One type of debt that often gets people into trouble, though, is credit card debt. Credit cards are easy devices for purchasing the goods and services that people want and need while deferring payments until a later date. Though credit cards can be responsibly managed, they can still present issues for individuals when their bills become bigger than their capacities to repay them.

A fine line can sometimes exist between what a person can and cannot manage when it comes to debt. An unexpected bill, the loss of a job, or a debilitating accident may throw a person’s delicately balanced financial health into upheaval. In such circumstances, an individual’s debt may morph from manageable to devastating.

When debt becomes a burden some people look for quick fixes to get out of financial trouble. This is when they may encounter a debt relief scam. According to the Federal Trade Commission, these scams target people with debt and make promises of relief. Many unscrupulous organizations will promise a debtor that it will work with his creditors to relieve the debt, but before such negotiations can happen the debtor must pay the organization a large upfront fee. In many cases, a person never gets any assistance from the scamming organization once he has paid his service fee.

Consumer debt is a real problem for many New Yorkers and the financial challenges that it presents can drive some to seek out fast fixes. Unfortunately, some organizations that tout quick debt relief solutions are scams that rob people of their hard-earned money. Predatory organizations are often prosecuted by the government, but many still remain in operation to victimize those who subscribe to their services. To avoid this outcome, those facing crippling debt should consider speaking with an experienced bankruptcy attorney to learn of their legitimate debt relief options.