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Payday Loans Can Be Damaging for Those with Personal Debts

Law Office of Ronald V. De Caprio Nov. 17, 2016

There is nothing comfortable about living paycheck to paycheck. Individuals who face this reality may confront endless worry about how they will pay all of their bills and how they will handle emergency expenditures if they arise. Many New Yorkers face this constant concern, and in some cases, those individuals have to make difficult decisions about how to manage their money affairs.

When finances are particularly tight, some individuals may look for quick fixes to improve their financial standing in the short-term. One alleged short-term solution that some may seek out is a payday loan. Generally, a payday loan is a loan that a person may secure from a lender, plus fees for taking the loan, that will be repaid on the day the borrower receives his next paycheck.

In practice, it sounds like a safe solution to remedy a very immediate problem. However, the fees that payday lending institutions tack on to the amount of the loans can be astronomical. Some unfortunate individuals find themselves in worse financial shape after securing payday loans than they were in prior to seeking out financial help.

Increased personal debts are the last thing people battling financial hardships need. They often require drastic assistance from legitimate and reputable individuals to get their lives back on track. For some, personal bankruptcy can be a good way to seek authentic protections while eliminating or reducing debt burdens.

Aside from bankruptcy, there are a number of other debt reduction alternatives that may help people overcome their money problems. Lawyers who practice debt reduction and bankruptcy law are well-suited to provide their clients with specific advice that may help them find legitimate avenues to pursuing financial freedom.