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Make Consumer Bankruptcy a Tool to Reach Financial Goals

Law Office of Ronald V. De Caprio Sept. 18, 2014

Whether they are new to the workforce or nearing retirement, many Rockland residents recognize the need to manage their money for the future. Making good financial decisions is a great way to set oneself up for comfortable living later in life. Even when they do not start saving as early as they would like, many people can make up for lost time by prioritizing their budgets and choosing cost-effective money management strategies.

Some individuals make it to retirement with sufficiently large nest eggs to provide for their families and beyond. Others, however, suffer heartbreaking setbacks that deplete the savings they worked to build for decades. A tragic accident, lost job or sudden illness can require that all of one’s money be put into paying off bills and can reduce a person’s financial portfolio significantly.

Such unexpected life changes and the inability to recover from them can lead individuals into significant debt. Debt occurs when a person uses money on credit with the expectation from the loan makers that the money will paid back in full, and often with interest. Serious financial problems can occur when a person cannot pay those debts back.

Loan makers can initiate court proceedings against debtors who fail to fulfill their repayment commitments. These legal processes can deplete a debtor’s resources even further, leaving him with few options for getting his life back on track. One option does often exist for debtors to remedy this spiraling problem and that option is filing for bankruptcy.

The Law Office of Ronald V. De Caprio has been providing consumer bankruptcy support to local residents for more than a decade. The firm understands that good people can quickly find themselves in difficult financial situations but that with a little guidance they can get themselves back on track. Bankruptcy is not an easy option, but for those who wish to start over and work toward healthy financial futures it is often a necessary first step.