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Law Office of Ronald V. De Caprio June 24, 2016

Most Garnerville residents receive and pay a variety of bills on a periodic basis. Mortgage and rent payments are needed to keep families in their homes, and utility fees are necessary to keep their homes’ lights on and water running. In addition to the bills for individuals’ basic necessities, many people also have to pay down their credit card bills for the charges they have incurred in the prior months.

For some people, maintaining a payment schedule that meets all of their bills’ requirements can be a challenge. Whether they have incurred unexpected expenses or have suffered decreases in income due to job losses or pay cuts, not everyone is able to pay every bill they receive. When bills begin to mount and fall into delinquency, individuals in these precarious financial situations can find themselves on the receiving end of creditor and collection calls.

Consumers have rights to avoid harassment from the lenders who extend them credit; however, at the end of the day consumers who have fallen into debt and who cannot pay off their obligations sometimes must face the repercussions of their defaulted loans and lines of credit. When debt becomes an overwhelming burden, not every consumer knows what his options are for successfully achieving debt relief.

The Law Office of Ronald V. De Caprio is available to individuals who wish to learn what choices they have when it comes to taking control of their debt. Bankruptcy may offer several options to individuals through the Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 processes; other options also exist that may provide New Yorkers with the debt relief options they need to become financial stable. More information about Attorney De Caprio and his legal practice can be found online at the firm’s website on bankruptcy.