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Interest, APR Can Cost Credit Card Users Money

Law Office of Ronald V. De Caprio May 29, 2015

It is fairly easy for a New York resident to get a new credit card. Many people receive unsolicited offers through their daily mail and others are bombarded via email with credit proposals from banks and other lending institutions. It may seem like the ubiquity of credit cards available to people would make those purchasing devices unprofitable in such a saturated market; credit card companies, however, have several tools that they can exploit in order to make money off of their credit card holders.

One way that people get into trouble with their credit cards is through interest. Each credit card has its own interest rate that is charged against balances carried on the cards. An interest rate can make a credit card balance explode, putting the consumer into financial peril while also providing the credit card company with income.

Another way that credit card holders pay credit card companies is through the cards’ annual percentage rates or APR. An APR is a fee charged by a credit card company to a consumer for the benefit of being able to borrow money on credit. In exchange for paying an APR, a consumer may get credit card points to purchase goods or services, and some companies pay credit card holders money back when those consumers use their cards.

While some consumers can financially manage high APRs and avoid interest through timely payments, accidents and emergencies can turn responsible credit card holders into individuals unable to keep up with their payment schedules. Credit card companies find a way to make money even when cardholders use their credit devices wisely. Individuals struggling with credit card debt can take control of their obligations to establish financial stability despite high APR and interest rates.

Whether a consumers needs to learn how to budget, reduce the number of credit cards they use or initiate a debt relief option, credit card users should learn more about their options. If financial problems persist, more actions such as filing for bankruptcy might need to be considered. While credit cards can be a useful and helpful tools, cardholders should be aware of the debt problems they could create.