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How Do People Get Into Trouble with Credit Card Debt?

Law Office of Ronald V. De Caprio Jan. 29, 2015

Credit seems to be available everywhere. Many stores throughout New York offer their customers credit cards that provide those users with in-store benefits. Car dealerships find ways to finance new automobiles for people who cannot pay cash for the vehicles they want and need. The vast majority of people who endeavor to own their own homes must take on mortgages in order to cover the high costs of owning real property.

As a reader can see, there are a multitude of uses for credit, and many ways and places that it can be obtained. However, credit cards are often the easiest tools a person can have to obtain credit. Through filling out and submitting an online application, a person can get a credit card with very little effort.

It is an unfortunate fact, however, that not all credit cards are created equal. The interest and terms of a card can vary greatly from one to the next, and not all credit card users take the time to understand how their credit card providers will assess interest and fees. Before they know it, credit card users can be reaching their credit limits and unable to pay off the balance and fees that apply to their accounts.

Imprudence is not the only cause of credit card problems. Often times, individuals experience unexpected life changes that leave them with limited financial options. A lost job or medical emergency can quickly make a financially comfortable person strapped for money and struggling to pay expenses. Credit cards sometimes can be used to cover more urgent costs, and such uses can result in big balances and delinquent payments on credit accounts.

However a person lands in credit card debt, getting out can be a very tough challenge. In some cases careful spending can provide enough extra income to get out of the credit-debt hole; in other cases, more extensive planning is necessary. For individuals who experience overwhelming credit card debt, help may be available. Attorneys who practice bankruptcy law may be able to offer client-specific assistance and strategies for getting ahead of mounting debt.