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Law Office of Ronald V. De Caprio Nov. 21, 2014

Consumer debt is an issue for many people who live in Rockland. Whether they are burdened with heavy mortgages, student loans, credit card debt or other forms of financial obligations, they may feel that they just cannot get ahead of their bills. These individuals have options for finding debt relief and may choose to take control of their own problems before turning to professionals for assistance.

The Federal Trade Commission offers several suggestions for people who want to manage their own consumer debt. First, FTC recommends that individuals with debt make and stick to budgets. Budgets can and should include fixed bills, other expenses and should identify exactly what has to be paid during any given month. Budgeting can help people find extraneous expenses and cut them out to save money.

Another recommendation suggests being proactive with creditors and lenders about one’s financial picture. By contacting a lender early on a debtor may be able to work out a payment plan that would not otherwise be available if the creditor had to go through a collections agency in order to seek recompense. Payment plans can give debtors an opportunity to climb out of financial holes before losing their relationships with their creditors.

Though budgeting and planning can get some people out of dire financial straits others need more help. Credit counselors and debt settling agencies exist but not all are reputable organizations. Anyone who chooses to utilize the services of a private debt group should do research into the organization’s history to better understand if it is trustworthy.

Debt relief can be an important goal for a person hoping to make a sound financial plan for the future. Legal options for eliminating debt also exist in the form of personal bankruptcy filings. If budgeting and working with debt management groups fails to achieve a debtor’s goals he may choose to look into bankruptcy options for getting back on solid financial footing.