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Can I Get a Loan Workout for My Credit Card Debt?

Law Office of Ronald V. De Caprio Aug. 26, 2016

Carrying a balance on one’s credit card can be a stressful situation. Though a properly managed balance may be overcome with extra payments over time, not all New Yorkers are able to muster the financial fortitude to manage their overextended credit bills on their own. Before they resort to bankruptcy to settle all of their outstanding debts at once, debtors may look to less drastic options to get out from under their credit card bills.

One option for reducing or eliminating credit card debt is a workout. A workout is a plan that an individual debtor makes with his credit card company that either extends the amount of time he has to pay off his debt or settles his debt for a sum less than the original amount owed. Whether a debtor will be able to secure a workout will depend on the facts of his particular debt case and the willingness of his credit card company to work with him.

Credit card companies need cardholders in order to continue their operations, and for this reason, many are happy to provide their customers with reasonable allowances to help them get back on track to making timely and complete payments. However, debtors who have had trouble keeping up with their credit card bills in the past may find that it is harder for them to negotiate workouts if they have histories of nonpayment or delinquencies.

Workouts are a great option for individuals who can negotiate them. Bankruptcy attorneys are often good resources for those who wish to secure workouts as they are in the practice of negotiating settlements over debt. To discuss bankruptcy, workouts and other matters related to credit card debt, readers are encouraged to contact their debt relief legal professionals. Taking such a step could help a debtor overcome debt and gain and healthy financial future.