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We help New Yorkers struggling under credit card debt

As a previous post on this blog discussed, credit card companies offer all kinds of incentives to get New Yorkers to sign up for and then use their credit cards. In addition to "zero interest" purchases, companies also offer cash back incentives, travel rewards and other goodies that are in fact wonderful deals so long as people pay off the balances.

Deferred interest versus no interest credit cards

One of the reasons families who live in Rockland County, New York, wind up having to file bankruptcy is credit card debt. Although a family may be able to swing regular payments, at least on the interest, when everything is going well, big credit card balances combined with unemployment or a medical problem can cause a family's finances to unravel quickly.

New York's real estate exemption

One of the pieces of property a New York family who is struggling financially is most likely to want to hang onto is the family home. For these people, New York's homestead exemption is very important to understand, as it can help a family protect their residence even through a bankruptcy.

As bankruptcy looms, nursing home CEO seeks payout

A major nursing home chain, the second largest in the country is facing the real possibility of a business bankruptcy but is currently trying to navigate a dispute between the chain's chief officer and the firm which is the landlord of the chain's many properties. A private equity firm which bought the chain is also involved.

How an attorney can help if you are facing foreclosure

A previous post on this blog discussed how the foreclosure process works in this state. Although foreclosure is a court process in New York, many Rockland County residents whose homes are in danger of being foreclosed may think that there is little that can be done to slow or stop the process assuming that they indeed owe the bank money. Moreover, some might question why they would sink money into legal fees when they are already in financial trouble and behind on their house payments.

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