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April 2017 Archives

If I file bankruptcy, will I be able to keep my retirement?

Many people in Rockland County, New York, particularly those who have a consistent work history, are likely to have some or even a large portion of their wealth wrapped up in a retirement plan like a 401(k) or an IRA. The idea behind these plans, which often come with tax incentives, is to encourage people to save money for retirement.

Credit card debt on the rise throughout the country

The amount of debt United States citizens owe on their credit cards has crossed the $1 trillion threshold, meaning what some call a modern "debt trap" is showing no sign of ending and may, in fact, be getting worse. These numbers mean that those who do not pay their credit cards off in full each month, are carrying around balances of $9,600.

Can a bankruptcy really stop foreclosure?

People in Rockland County, New York may have heard, even on the television or radios, that a bankruptcy can save your home from a looming foreclosure. While such statements are true in a sense, it is very important that Rockland and Garnerville residents understand what is and is not being promised.

An exemption plan is an important step we can help with

A previous post on this blog overviewed how bankruptcy exemptions work to help a Rockland, New York resident who is struggling with debt keep some of his or her property even after going through a bankruptcy. These exemptions are very important to Garnerville and Rockland County residents, as they enable a person to get a fresh financial start without winding up destitute.

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