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October 2016 Archives

Is there any way to protect my property during bankruptcy?

Every person's path to bankruptcy is unique. Residents of Garnerville may find themselves contemplating the bankruptcy court's protections because of unforeseen expenses, changes to their life plans or simple financial mismanagement. As different paths to bankruptcy may require individuals to make different considerations about their future goals, readers of this post are encouraged to discuss their needs with their personal bankruptcy attorneys and not rely on the content of this post as legal advice.

Debt settlement can be a risky path toward financial freedom

All it takes is one accident, illness or injury for a New York resident to find his or her wages reduced and his or her credit cards pushed to their limits. The costs of caring for one's self and family can quickly pile up on credit cards, and when the bills start coming due, it can be overwhelming for the card holder to reconcile those payments. This bankruptcy law blog has dedicated a number of prior posts to discussing Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the two primary modes of filing for individuals. This post will generally discuss the use of debt settlement agencies to manage and eliminate consumer credit card debt.

Why did the bank take my car?

Vehicle repossession can be a heartbreaking blow to the life of a New York resident who faces financial challenges. Without a car, a person may be unable to hold down his or her job and meet the many other important commitments he or she is obligated to achieve. However, repossession of one's vehicle is often the result of missed or delinquent payments toward its ownership. This post will briefly discuss why vehicles are repossessed, giving individuals insight on the process and possible ways to navigate the situation.

Debt, mismanagement lead restaurant chain to bankruptcy

The restaurant business is a difficult one for small, local establishments as well as large, international chains. It is not uncommon for a Rockville resident to see a new restaurant pop up, only a year later to see its doors closed and a new occupant moving into the former entity's space. One large and popular fast-casual restaurant chain recently had to file for bankruptcy in order to attempt to avoid such a fate for its many stores.

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