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September 2016 Archives

Our firm can help you through your personal bankruptcy

The law offices of Ronald V. De Caprio are accepting new clients into their personal bankruptcy practice. Personal bankruptcy relates to bankruptcy filings pursued by individuals and may include the utilization of different bankruptcy processes. The firm supports individuals who live in Rockland, Garnerville, and the surrounding area.

Debt relief strategies for those facing credit card debt

Debt on credit cards does not have to be a financially fatal situation. In fact, there are steps that New Yorkers facing credit card debt can take to overcome their financial challenges. For some individuals, working with trained legal professionals who understand debt and bankruptcy options is a great way to work toward economic freedom and a clean financial slate.

Business avoids liquidation with Chapter 11 bankruptcy

A generation ago, young people flocked to malls to purchase clothing and other goods. Now, through websites like Amazon, New Yorkers are able to buy what they want from the convenience of their own homes. As a result of this shift in buying strategy, many brick and mortar stores have suffered financial losses.

We can answer your questions about filing for bankruptcy

Readers of this Garnerville bankruptcy law blog likely know that bankruptcy is more than a single step process. In fact, there are many different forms of bankruptcy that consumers and businesses may use to pull themselves out of financial peril. Depending on the circumstances of an individual or company's case, it may benefit from one form of bankruptcy more than another. However, knowing which form of bankruptcy to use can be difficult to assess.

What questions should I ask before filing for bankruptcy?

This Garnerville bankruptcy law blog has spent a number of prior posts covering the types of bankruptcy an individual may choose to pursue if he or she is facing overwhelming debt. Chapter 13 bankruptcy and Chapter 7 bankruptcy both provide useful means of eliminating debt and starting an individual on a fresh financial path. However, before a person gets to the point of deciding which form of bankruptcy he or she should pursue, he or she may wish to investigate and ask him or herself a few important questions.

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