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February 2016 Archives

Bankruptcy can be an efficient way to gain control of one's money

This bankruptcy law blog has covered many topics related to Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Garnerville readers may remember that one form of personal bankruptcy requires a filer to liquidate assets to pay off their debts, while the other requires a filer to make a repayment plan to satisfy their obligations to their creditors. They may also remember that each form of individual bankruptcy provides its own timeline for how long the process may take before a filer is granted a bankruptcy discharge.

Am I responsible for credit card debt from fraudulent charges?

Rockland residents often use their credit cards to make purchases from online vendors. With ease and from the convenience of one's own home, a person can buy groceries, order clothing, shop for furniture, and then have all of those purchases sent directly to their doorstep. Though online shopping has made shopping significantly easier for many people, it has also increased the opportunity for unscrupulous individuals to misuse other's credit card accounts.

Know whether consumer bankruptcy will affect a legal settlement

An accident, illness, or injury can be the event that forces a New York resident to seriously consider filing for bankruptcy. One's sudden loss of income combined with expensive medical bills can quickly throw a stable financial situation into one of struggling to stay above water. In some cases a harmed individual may have rights to seek compensation for their losses. But, that person might not receive a judgment in time to satisfy their financial needs and prevent the need to seek bankruptcy relief for a perilous financial situation.

Music company files for bankruptcy

In 2013, SFX Entertainment went public on the National Association of Securities Dealer Automated Quotation (NASDAQ) system. New York residents had the opportunity to buy stock in the entity and like other businesses that leave their privately owned statuses behind, SFX Entertainment likely sought to grow as a result of its conversion. However, SFX Entertainment's experience as a publicly traded entity has not been a smooth one and it has attempted several times to convert back to a private business in order to protect its future.

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