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What are my options to help avoid or stop a foreclosure?

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2016 | Asset Forfeiture |

A New York resident may misplace a bill or forget to drop a payment in the mail from time to time, but long-term delinquencies or consistently missed payments can lead to bigger problems and more aggressive collection efforts on the part of creditors who are owed funds. For example, when a homeowner stops making payments on a mortgage the home may fall into foreclosure. As mentioned in previous posts, foreclosure is a legal process through which a mortgage lender takes possession of a home and effectively removes a mortgage payer from the premises. The loss of a home through foreclosure can be devastating for a family, but there are some effective steps that individuals facing foreclosure can use to stop or avoid foreclosure all together.

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, homeowners have many options for refinancing their loans. Refinancing a loan can lower a homeowner’s monthly payment and make it more likely that the homeowner will be able to meet the financial expectations of the lender. A variety of methods exist for seeking a refinanced loan and interested readers may want to get more information to help them sort through their options.

Additionally, homeowners who have lost their jobs or means of income may be able to hold off the foreclosure process as they seek assistance to become current on their mortgages. It can be confusing to pursue this process, but doing so can help a family stay in the residence. Foreclosure can be a very difficult legal process, but those facing it have opportunities to stop it before it starts. Although every foreclosure is different, our readers who find themselves in this type of situation may be able to address their foreclosure problems before they are forced out of their homes.

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