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November 2015 Archives

Man seeks Supreme Court intervention to discharge student loans

Many people cannot attain degrees without taking out some loans. Students in New York often utilize federal student aid as well as private grants and loans when they need to pay for college, graduate school and professional school. The cost of getting an advanced degree can be steep, and unfortunately some new graduates discover that they are unable to pay off their educational debts in the job markets available to them after graduation.

Are my retirement savings exempt under bankruptcy law?

Depending upon the type of bankruptcy that a person chooses to file for, he may be asked to sell off or liquidate his assets in order to pay off his creditors. The form of bankruptcy that requires liquidation is Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and for some debtors, relinquishing ownership of personal savings and possessions can be difficult. However, certain laws can allow New Yorkers as well as other Americans filing for bankruptcy to exempt certain property from liquidation.

Are you facing insurmountable credit card debt?

At some point in their lives, many New York residents carry balances on their credit cards. For some people, carrying a balance may only happen once or twice and that balance may be resolved within a month or two of its accrual. For others, carrying a balance on a credit card may be a common practice, and the card holders may chip away at their accrued balances only when they can.

Buyers beware: creditors have rights after missed car payments

Even when a New York resident purchases a car on credit, it is easy for that buyer to feel as though the vehicle in his possession is completely hers. She may make modifications to it and use it for purposes ranging from business to pleasure. However, if she fails to make the payments she agreed to make when securing his financial loan for the vehicle, she may find that car being repossessed and taken out of her life.

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