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Credit card debt can derail financial plans and dreams

On Behalf of | May 8, 2015 | Credit Card Debt |

It can take a Rockland resident a long time to save for a big purchase or expense. Whether that expenditure is a short-term experience like a vacation or a big-picture plan such as retirement, when it comes to saving it can be easy to lose focus and get off the right financial track. One way that people find their financial plans and dreams derailed is by incurring large amounts of credit card debt.

Credit card debt can become a problem without any warning and can accumulate very quickly. For some people, credit card debt happens because they use their credit cards to pay off other bills or expenses, such as medical bills or mortgages. For others, simply using their credit cards too much can result in monthly bills that they cannot afford to pay.

When credit card debt gets out of control, it can be next to impossible for a person to get it back to manageable. On top of the underlying charges a person must pay off, he also becomes responsible for the finance charges and interest that his lending institution imposes for carrying a balance on his credit account. If he falls behind on his minimum monthly payments, a person can find himself facing calls and letters from his creditors in addition to the growing bills he is unable to pay.

Out-of-control credit card debt can force a person to tap into his savings or retirement accounts and to deplete the investments he has in his future plans and dreams. Before getting to that situation, however, a person should recognize that he has options for finding debt relief. Bankruptcy and other legal options are available to people who want to manage their credit card debt but who are unsure of where to start.

The Law Office of Ronald V. De Caprio provides guidance to individuals facing all forms of debt, including but not limited to credit card debt, medical debt, mortgage delinquencies and others. The legal professionals of the firm recognize that a person’s reasons for going into debt are unique and that not all people facing crippling financial problems can be served by the same strategies. For this reason, they are able to support their clients during their tough financial times and help them explore strategies for protecting their financial plans and dreams while taking control of their debt obligations.

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