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Common forms of business debt

It takes a lot for a Rockland resident to keep the doors of their small business open. From paying for utilities and rent for the physical structure of the business entity to paying the employees and stocking necessary inventory, it can seem as though all of the cash flow is out of the business instead of into it. When a business finds that it is hemorrhaging funds and unable to pay its bills, it can be important for the business owner to step back and assess where the business is losing all of its financial ground.

What can I do to keep my home out of foreclosure?

The easiest way for a New Yorker to keep their home out of foreclosure is to make sure that they make timely and complete payments toward their mortgage. A history of missed payments or payments that are not the full amount of the monthly sum due may lead the homeowner's lender to initiate foreclosure proceedings against them for the repossession of their home.

Holiday season leads many into damaging credit card debt

Shopping for loved ones during the holidays can be a special experience for some New Yorkers. In fact, giving to others can be one of the most rewarding things a person can do all year. Unfortunately, however, in the excitement of making purchases to bestow upon others, a person can accumulate significant and sometimes overwhelming amounts of credit card debt.

Will holiday spending send you to consumer bankruptcy?

The holidays are a wonderful time for celebrating with family and sharing special moments with friends. Many holiday traditions include the giving of gifts, and, for some New Yorkers, it can be more fulfilling to give presents to others than it is to receive them. Some individuals may get so caught up in the process of buying presents for others that they lose track of just how much money they have actually spent.

A cash advance can lead to serious credit card debt

Credit cards are widely used purchasing devices that allow individuals to buy goods and services on credit and then the individuals pay their lenders back on a schedule that was established when they secured their cards. Responsible use of a credit card can help a Rockland resident build up a good credit history and credit score; conversely, negligent credit card use can land a person in dire financial straits and facing overwhelming debt.

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