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Am I responsible for credit card debt from fraudulent charges?

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2016 | Credit Card Debt |

Rockland residents often use their credit cards to make purchases from online vendors. With ease and from the convenience of one’s own home, a person can buy groceries, order clothing, shop for furniture, and then have all of those purchases sent directly to their doorstep. Though online shopping has made shopping significantly easier for many people, it has also increased the opportunity for unscrupulous individuals to misuse other’s credit card accounts.

When a person finds charges on his or her credit account that the cardholder did not make, that person may be the victim of fraudulent charges. Stolen credit cards and card numbers can be used by others to buy goods and services without the actual card owners’ knowledge. Many credit card companies monitor their account holders’ statements to look out for fraudulent charges, but in some cases those purchases slip past their notice.

Unchecked fraudulent charges can quickly turn into credit card debt and serious financial challenges. While some individuals may vigilantly check their credit card profiles to ensure that their cards are not being misused, others may not notice fraudulent purchases until weeks or even months after they have been made. Depending upon the rules and policies of one’s credit card company, the person’s liability for those charges may vary.

Some credit card companies place caps on how much a fraudulent charge victim may have to pay if their credit account is compromised. However, card companies often require notice from the victim about the charges in order to provide support. Keeping one’s credit card company apprised of fraudulent charges is important to prevent one’s credit card debt from growing due to the malfeasance of others. If the situation become unmanageable, an attorney may be able to help a person who is facing fraudulent credit card debt to resolve their financial headaches.

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