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September 2013 Archives

Proposal would allow bankruptcy discharge of student loans

With debt from student loans now towering over $1 trillion nationwide, many college and graduate school students from Garnerville or Rockland, New York are now leaving school with a heavy burden. This impacts tens of millions of families, with approximately 46 percent of all U.S. families owing student loans. Graduates are coming out of college with an average of $26,000 in student loans balances and some owe much more. All too many find repayment difficult or impossible in today's troubled economy, especially with the high rates of unemployment.

Gifts from parents after bankruptcy filing

Persons in Garnerville or Rockland, New York, who file personal bankruptcy under either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 may find themselves in the position of temporarily needing some financial assistance from relatives such as parents. Experienced bankruptcy attorneys can advise clients as to the ins and outs of receiving such aid without creating additional difficulties.

Nationwide credit card debt mounting again

When the recession struck in 2008, many in Garnerville or Rockland, New York, as well as nationwide, started to cut back on credit card debt, whether voluntarily or as a result of simply not being able to afford it anymore. Now, after a lapse of years, credit card debt balances are on the increase again.

How to prioritize your debts

Many consumers in Garnerville or Rockland, New York, who have trouble handling their debts have a variety of types of accounts. They may have credit card debt spread over several different cards, as well as student loans, a mortgage and a car loan. Sometimes, it can all become a little overwhelming, especially if financial difficulties arise, such as those from an illness or job loss. When a consumer does have the good fortune to have a little extra money, the question arises which debt should he or she attempt to pay down or pay off first?

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